Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third is a third-person shooter and action adventure set in the fictional city Steelport. Gameplay focuses on open-world exploration with the option to complete quests to further the story or increase character abilities. Players take the role of Johnny Gat, the leader of a gang called the Third Street Saints, as he works to wrest control of Steelport from three rival gangs. Players progress the character by earning "respect" for certain actions, and may purchase new weapons, vehicles, or even stores with money earned from missions. Players' actions in missions may affect, unlock, or close off other missions. A second player may assist with missions. The game also features an "awesome button" that will speed up any action when held down. Saints Row: The Third is the first game in the franchise to forgo health-replenishing items.

Saints Row
Release Date:
Q3 2011